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The Local Creative Network for Digital Content & Influencer Marketing. We identify, develop, grow, partner with and monetize urban creative talent.

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Source: Adweek (2016)

We are a small creative consultancy that represents the most talented and influential creators across social media. We work with brands and agencies to create and execute effective campaigns that are powered by our network of prominent influencers.

Ultimately, it’s about identifying great talent, making great content, connecting with an audience and serving them in a way where they reward you with their time, loyalty and their money. That’s what we are trying to do on multiple fronts.

Create a project

Create the brief to work with our team and choose the platforms you want to promote your product or service on (e.g. Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

Work with Creators

After reviewing your influencers, you can decline the ones you won’t work with and choose the one you’ll hire.

Full Tracking & Analytics

We track every piece of measurable data to ensure successful campaigns.

What is Influence Marketing?

René Girard writes: “Man always desires what Others desire.” This intuition could be given as the ethos for today’s Influence Marketing Industry. At this time of the digitalisation of communication, digital experts are excited about the opportunities provided by the 2010 decade to “digital influencers”. Whether they are stylists, visual artists, or “muses”, influencers give a new visibility to brands in this saturated environment.

Lokal Link aims to be a pioneer in this domain, supporting and educating brands in their selection of the best profiles to work with inline with their brand image. Our conviction: influence marketing has to focus on putting influencers at the heart of digital campaigns. These talents are no longer a simple means of social media conversation, but real partners for our clients. Influencers are powerful – 92% of consumers say that they trust individuals more than brands. Youtubers, Instagrammers and other Snapchatters are experts at producing high performing content. Their posts enrich and grow the brand’s universe, and provide an engaged audience.