About us

Joining the dots between people, brands + content.

Lokal Link is a user-generated content consultancy focusing on agile content creation. By connecting content creators to brands, we fast-deliver high-quality content without expensive equipment, usage restrictions or other hassles. We believe that the best content isn’t necessarily the most complicated or expensive to produce.  

We’re a new breed of creatives


We’re street-smart and social by nature. We know what millennials like. How they talk. Why they laugh and how they connect in the digital era.

We help brands become more culturally relevant by connecting the dots between brands, people and culture.  

It’s about the people


The beating heart of Lokal Link is its network of content creators and influencers. Collectively we’re driven, talented, quirky, mildly offensive, playful and when put together we can be pretty f*cking amazing.