We love Influencer Marketing

All of our campaigns are tailor-made and built around the reach and authority of the new generation of Digital Influencers. We are a full-service Influencer consultancy, supporting your brand from strategy development to complete campaign execution.


Everything you need to manage your next influencer marketing campaign

Lokal Link is the smartest way to find and connect with influential creators across South Africa.

Go beyond display ads to become part of the social conversation. Your message is integrated directly into the content stream of blogs, videos, photos and updates in the voice of a trusted influencer. Every post is unique in perspective, tone and authority, creating a personalized message for the influencer’s audience.

Build a community of influencers

Create a network for key content creators who love your brand.

Collaborate with influencers in the chat area

Use our collaboration rooms to refine campaign details and chat to influencers.


We'll provide you with post or campaign numbers, so you can provide valuable influencer insights to your clients and brand managers.

Influencer Marketing Examples

  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Sponsored shares and retweets
  • Sponsored photos 
  • Sponsored videos
  • Product sampling/reviews 

Our View On Pricing

Authenticity is at the heart of customer communications. We practice it and we preach it, it’s why we do what we do. We see the value in engaging consumers in the ways they choose to communicate. To that end, we are disrupting the marketer driven landscape to create real results through genuine authentic messaging. Consumers are more informed, influencers are able to monetize a passion, and brands are able to quickly scale meaningful messaging that supports company goals. Lokal Link is an investment in marketing credibility, and our pricing structure enables us to invest and evolve our network to provide a great customer experience.

We have two pricing strategies to choose from. Both pricing plans are calculated on a per influencer basis.


Influencer Pricing



Story Packages

  • 5 mentions a month: R1000
  • 2 mentions a month : R500
  • 1 mention: R200



Monthly Packages

Better for ongoing brand campaigns that are working with influencers as long-term partners.

Minimum 3 month retainer.

  • 5 photos/month: R2500
  • 5 photos + blog/YouTube post: R3000
  • 2 photos/month: R1200
  • 2 photos + blog/YouTube post: R2000
  • 1 photo/month: R700
  • 1 photo + blog/YouTube post: R1500
  • Shopable post: Negotiable % of conversions

One off Packages

  • 0.80c per video view
  • 0.60c per like
  • R2.00 per engagement (comment, retweet, repost, share etc)
  • Shopable post: Negotiable % of conversions
  • IG Takeover: R1500

Misc Agency Costs


We have an initial once off strategy and alignment cost fee that's billed at R600/hr for a minimum of 6 hours. This time is allocated to help us learn more about your brand, meetings, brainstorm sessions and general misc time needed for launching campaigns.


We also have an Influencer discovery and negotiation fee billed at R600/hr for a minimum of 5 hours.

Posts stay live for a minimum of two months on all pricing options/lifetime content can be negotiated with Influencers.



It’s important to remember you’re not only paying Instagram influencers for their following or engagement rate but often times for their ideas and content creation. Today’s influencers have become pros at concepting, shooting, and executing mini-campaigns for brands and should be compensated accordingly.