How Important Is Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness?

How important is influencer marketing for brands?

When done right, influencer marketing can work wonders for businesses looking to launch new products or raise brand awareness by tapping into an influencer’s already established audience and reach.

So, what exactly is influencer marketing?

It means partnering with bloggers and/or social media influencers, and having them create BEAR content.

Brand-Specific: It should be clear that the influencer is using your product or associated with your brand

Engaging: This content should increase engagement performance on your brand’s owned content

Authentic: This content should be authentic, meaning influencer-created and in line with the influencer’s typical tone and style

Relevant: Influencer content should be relevant to your target audience’s interests, desires, and outlooks. Having trouble determining what these are? Listening is a great way to solve for this.

Influencer Marketing Works for Many Reasons

First, it meets your potential customers where they are already looking: social media. It can also cut through all the noise of advertisements by not appearing as one. Influencers are highly skilled at delivering your brand’s message in a way that is naturally woven into their personalized blog post or social media photo.

And while it seems natural to look at how many followers an influencer has to determine his or her clout, this is not necessarily the most worthy metric to examine.

What matters is whether the influencer’s audience is engaged and trusts what that influencer has to say.

Is your influencer’s audience commenting on the influencer’s photos, tagging friends, or showing interest in learning more about the product displayed? Is the influencer commenting/engaging back to cultivate this community?


Ultimately, you want the influencer to instigate a purchase or new visitor to your website, which is often achieved by providing the influencer with a unique link or discount code to offer their followers.

Mentions and links often expand beyond social media. If you work with bloggers to create original content, it’s likely that they have their own site to promote it on, as well. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your site ranking by generating high-quality backlinks for your website. When these influencers create content and link to you, this generates a high-quality backlink for your site.

An Example

The charitable cause Operation Christmas Child needed a general awareness increase, and they achieved this via various PR channels run by Jelly Marketing.

Trusted influencer campaigns and other traditional media provided exposure through a strong presence at special events in the community. By enlisting the help of influencers like Dai Manuel and Jillian Harris (whose article and social share was worth nearly $40,000 in monetized PR), more than 1,000 shoeboxes of Christmas goodies were filled and delivered.

Building an audience usually takes time, but influencer marketing is a proven shortcut. The influencer’s content is shared across their multiple platforms and exposes your product to an entirely new audience. Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear specializes in hands-free pumping bras, and they decided to create World Breast Pumping Day (#WBPD2017) in order to raise awareness about the brand and what they stand for.

The online event reached 12,000 people on Facebook and was supported by women across North America who tweeted, published blogs, and posted their personal pumping stories on Instagram. One of the major initial supporters was host of HGTV “Love it or List it Vancouver,” Jillian Harris, who posted about WBPD to her 172.8k Twitter followers.

83% More Effective

Raising brand awareness, generating content from a different perspective, and reaching new target audiences are all strong reasons to consider an influencer-marketing budget. According to a Nielsen survey, when it comes to brand awareness, expert content from well-established influencers is 83% more effective than traditional product reviews.

Most influencers only talk about brands and products that they genuinely love. Connecting with the right influencers to fuse your brand identity with theirs is an important element of a successful influencer marketing campaign and should be carefully considered. In order for influencer marketing to continue thriving, the shift needs to lean toward understanding what actually creates influence in the first place: a positive relationship, product knowledge, and trust. Bold new ideas are always encouraged.

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