Our structure

A three-part structure is key to how Lokal Link both frees and focuses thinking and execution: THE LOKAL CORE, THE LOKAL CIRCLE, and THE LOKAL COLLECTIVE.

The core

Size is the Achilles heel of the traditional agency. So we are brutal about keeping THE LOKAL CORE brilliantly small and agile. THE CORE is our smart, intensely creative but playful idea band.

Sure, we add to THE CORE when justified on a project by project basis; but we resist extending THE CORE team too freely or complicating projects too soon in their development. We love orchestras and session musicians and sound technicians and dancers. But THE CORE cannot be big too soon. Name a successful rock band that has more than 4, 5, or 6 members max at its core.

Because we think, work, and make money unlike legacy agencies, we are free to keep THE CORE brilliantly small in this way and for THE CORE‘s outstanding members all to work on the work itself! We have no management pyramids to sit on or factories to keep busy.

Once we have the focus of an obvious rallying, organizing, and inspiring idea, then THE CIRCLE comes in to play.

The circle

THE CIRCLE is a network of great talents with skills ranging from digital design, media, data analytics and beyond. This is how we colour, craft, prototype, develop, blow up, make shovel ready, validate, hone, or ditch and totally reinvent THE CORE‘s ideas.

In the past, hub-like freelance or virtual agencies failed. A-list talent was locked into leading agencies and freelance talent was booked because they were in demand.

Much has changed since then, including the advent of a more open, collaborative, and networked talent economy. And Lokal Link has access to the best of the best whenever we need them for clients.

Unlike legacy agencies, we don’t make more by pushing more. We have a model that lets us stay small while making a big impact for clients and the industry.

The collective

THE COLLECTIVE is how we mix things up. Call it our grit in the marketing oyster.

THE COLLECTIVE is a constantly evolving network of outstanding individuals usually from fields well outside marketing such as fitness, gaming, fashion, beauty, travel and beyond.

It is our practical response to the blindingly obvious insight that teams of nothing but familiar, well-developed, and highly experienced skill-sets inevitably favour business as usual — however brilliantly and creatively they do it.

THE COLLECTIVE is how we question the question and challenge received wisdom to open up new territories and pivot our perspectives.

Yes, it is how we cheat: feeding off connected, but diverse and unexpected talents, not just relying on the usual marketing suspects (however good we may be). THE COLLECTIVE is how we unlearn old habits and thought patterns to make blindingly obvious ideas obvious to all. It is our unfair advantage.

And ultimately, THE COLLECTIVE is how we stop circling and talking about new ideas and change to get on with getting new stuff invented, developed, and done.