About us


White backdrops, studio lighting, and simulated friend groups don’t get people’s attention anymore. Nor do they drive sales like they once did. Brands need better content that relates to their audiences’ lives, and they need more of it to fill the growing number of relevant channels while driving towards their business goals.

Lokal Link enables brands to visually communicate in a new way, using beautiful digital creator images and videos in every touchpoint.


We’re a challenger brand for challenger brands. Noisy upstarts, inspired veterans, comeback kids, big, small or anything in between. We work with clients who share our unwillingness to just toe the line.



Lokal Link is committed to bringing the human element back to advertising by empowering individuals to create and share. Our mission is to scale the storytelling process through efficiency, quality, and transparency for both advertisers and content creators. We strive to disrupt interruption advertising by helping brands tell authentic human stories through content people actually want to see. 


Brands need more balls?

Brands are juggling like hell. And all agencies do is lob them more and more marketing balls."

It’s a noisy, messy, messed-up marketplace for brands to buy marketing. And getting messier.

More and more agencies lob more and more marketing balls at clients faster and faster. From apps to algorithms, to Snapchat channels, to Pokémon look-alikes and beyond.

Now a lot of this is really smart, cool, and valuable stuff well worth doing. Most of it is not.

What brands need from agencies is not more balls to juggle, not more new approaches to marketing, but a new approach to the role of the agency itself.

Welcome to Lokal Link. We think, work, and make money unlike an agency at all.

Lokal Link thinks, works and makes money unlike an agency.


“What brands need most from their agencies is a new agency model. It is time we moved on and delivered.”

Lokal Link is very un-agency.

We are set up in every way possible not to push marketing at brands. Not to add to the noise, cost, and confusion of the agency marketplace.

We want to work inside/out with brands instead. We want to shape, buy, and orchestrate marketing from inside the client’s operations. And this has a transformative impact on what can get done together.

Underpinning the shift to an inside/out model is a total change in how we make our money.

We have nothing to push.

“There are no new models, just more talk, without a new agency approach to the money.”

We push nothing at clients because we have nothing at all to push. And we are set up to keep it that way, hence client revenue is only 20% of our business model at Lokal Link.

We are married to no one channel, platform, innovation, or marketing mantra – be it a TV spot, web build, or big data.

We don’t push full service surround sound 360˚ integration either!

Not because we claim to be channel agnostic in some airy-fairy way.

No. We push nothing at clients because we operate and make money in fundamentally different ways from legacy agencies.

We love creators.

“We are unreformed, unreformable rebels and entrepreneurs unafraid to back our ideas and share risk.”

Lokal Link can afford to push nothing because we operate and make money in fundamentally different ways from legacy agencies.

For a start, as entrepreneurs not agency suits, we love to have skin in the game.

We favour open, innovative win-wins with clients over the dubious (fraudulent?) math of billable hours or the murky commissions of programmatic buying.

We are born of the collaborative economy and back our shared ideas to generate new brand & business value.

So we embrace shared risk and reward with clients in a variety of ways – from performance based revenue to joint ventures with clients and shared or even full-risk ownership and funding of new ideas by Lokal Link.

This committed and embedded approach frees Lokal Link to pass on net to orchestrate and partner with transparency whatever other agencies and outside resources it takes to get work done.

After all, it is a noisy market for marketing but, frankly, a buyer’s one too.

We are open, small, ruthlessly flat.

“I lied. We do have a bias. The ruthless voice of your customer.”

Nothing to push lets us speak our mind openly with clients based on shared interest and on retainer, not agency agenda.

Nothing to push frees us to represent ruthlessly the customers’ needs, voice, and brand perceptions deep inside the client organization.

And our unagency-like model enables us to stay outstandingly small and agile. With no factory to keep busy or manage-ment pyramids to sit on.

So all members of THE LOKAL CORE work on... the work!

We are always obvious.

“All the really valuable ideas tend to be the really obvious ideas.”

Above all working inside/out leaves Lokal Link free to identify, develop, and give clients ground-breaking digital creator based ideas that are brilliantly simple and obvious.

Exactly the kind of no-brainer organizing ideas that get lost downstream in traditional agencies turf wars and zero sum thinking. Lost in old school agency bias, finances, and operations.

Or in the gaps between traditional, new, and specialist skill sets. 

In fact, we insist everything we do passes the obvious test. Because blindingly obvious ideas tend to be the really valuable ones.

We do business as unusual.

“We’re very much agency off record, doing what we believe in and works, not pushing what we do.”

Yes, it’s a noisy, messy, messed-up market for brands. And getting messier....

By being small, agile, and open, operating inside/out for clients with real skin in the game and upstream of traditional agency briefs – where the real challenges and business as unusual opportunities take shape – Lokal Link has been able to subvert and radically reinvent the agency model to provide a huge unfair advantage for the modern brand.

That advantage is our ability to see and oversee with them exactly the kind of brilliant but blindingly obvious ideas that are needed now more than ever to navigate a landscape of accelerating change, complexity, and outlandish opportunity. To create bold new brands and business values from legacy marketing budgets.


Oh yes. And we cheat. On our clients’ behalf. Thanks to THE LOKAL COLLECTIVE.