State Of Influencer Marketing 2019

Relatable, a leading global influencer marketing agency has released a comprehensive State Of Influencer Marketing 2019 report which they claim is their most extensive research to date – Revealing a total of 89 specific insights that can be applied to business.

With this report, the team at Relatable hopes to help you run better influencer campaigns, they go on to say “You’ll learn how much money other brands plan to allocate to influencer marketing in 2019, what platforms they think will be the most important and their largest challenges.”


They’ve analyzed over 14,000+ data points across eight different industries and the report comes down to roughly 16-pages in print.

With that said, it’s split up into 4 different sections in an easy-to-read format- I took a look at the report and compiled all the highlights below, to view the full report please visit: The state Of Influencer Marketing 2019




Snapshot/Current: What’s does the current state of influencer marketing look like amongst consumer-facing marketers right now?

Challenges: Where are marketers struggling, and how can they overcome the barriers they face?

Motivation / Drivers:  What underlying goals and values drive marketers to keep going to overcome these challenges? What key performance indicators and goals are marketers aiming to address with influencer marketing?

Outlook: What budgets and bets are marketers allocating influencer marketing efforts in the next 12 month?


Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:




Which channels do you predominantly tap into for Influencer Marketing campaigns

social media platforms



  • Instagram is dominating the influencer marketing landscape with 9 of 10 (87.6%) respondents claiming that the wildly popular photo and story sharing platform is the channel they primarily tap into for their influencer marketing campaigns
  • Snapchat was only mentioned one time in the “Other” section, and Blogs had just three mentions in total. This survey from 2018 revealed that many creators and influencers have replaced Snapchat with Instagram Stories: Which begs the question: Are brands next to follow?

Only 1 out of 351 marketing teams plan to use Snapchat for Influencer Marketing in 2019!

— The 2019 State of Influencer Marketing Report From Relatable


It appears that 2019 will be the year when Influencer marketing finally gets a seat at the media buying table; with clear consensus that influencer Marketing isn’t about earned media and shipping out free products anymore.

  • 79% of brands will dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2019
  • And as far as budgets go, 83% cite that the marketing team, not PR, is in charge of the money.


8 of 10 brands will have a dedicated marketing budget in 2019!



  • 47% of brands have a dedicated team for influencer marketing.
  • 67% run their campaigns in-house, while 33% run their campaigns with the help from an agency.


  • Finding the right influencers is still a big challenge for 4 of 10 marketing teams (“What are your biggest challenges at the moment?”)
  • This is supported further with 30% answering Very Difficult and 60% Medium Difficult when questioned specifically about this challenge. (“How would you rate the difficulty of finding appropriate influencers to work with in your industry?”)
  • It’s almost equally challenging to set goals and understand results (37%). This challenge extends to other teams and managers as well, as you’ll learn later in this report in the section titled “We need to talk about your boss…”
  • Location, location, location: If finding the right influencers is a major challenge for brands, then identifying them in a specific location naturally becomes more difficult. A full 66% respond “Yes” when asked “Is finding influencers in a specific location important to you?”.



93% agree that Influencer Marketing is an effective form of Marketing, and a full 92% of respondents also answered “Yes, Definitely” or “Somewhat” to the question: “Do you see Influencer Marketing being a scalable tactic in your marketing mix?”

With Brand Awareness/Consideration being the main KPI for 50% of marketing teams in the survey.


The full report has valuable insights, such as…


  1. What major digital media channel is getting more expensive and trickier to optimize in 2019…?
  2. The biggest struggles that marketing teams are worried about right now
  3. The #1 problem that more than 50% of marketing professionals are having with their boss…
  4. Exactly how much money will marketing teams spend on influencer marketing in the next 12 months…
  5. The most common mistake that inexperienced marketing teams make when they set their influencer marketing goals…


If you’re a marketing professional at a consumer brand or agency, consider the insights you’re about to access competitive intelligence on what’s working on a global scale, how your business compares, and which opportunities for growth you may be overlooking.


Interested in getting the full report?


Click on the link to find the full report: The state Of Influencer Marketing 2019

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